TVShareMax Review 2021 [Updated]: Does It Worth The Hype?

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The advent of streaming services has made it possible for us to offer a wide selection of content in today’s society. However, without a TV Caster like TVShareMax these streamed contents cannot always be received on a television set. The majority of the streamed contents and services need just the use of a smartphone or tablet or computer monitor – TVShareMax review.

Of course, if you live alone or share your living space with roommates or relatives, having to show someone a YouTube video or Netflix episode on your phone is quite bothersome, regardless of whether you are at home or not. However, technology has advanced to let you save your eyes and enjoy streaming content on your phone directly to your Television.

Now you won’t have to squint at your phone screen thanks to TVShareMax’s HD mirroring. Content from your phone can comfortably be transferred to a big-screen TV with the TV Share Max quick wireless streaming gadget. Just like TV Fix Caster, the TVShareMax Caster is a streaming media player that is really simple to use and has all of the necessary functionality for streaming entertainment on the large screen.

The TV Caster Share Max is indeed a good gadget which the manufacturer put a great deal of effort in designing.  Thus,  it is undoubtedly a good buy for anyone who wishes to stop squinting while streaming contents on his or her smartphone. This is owning to the fact that the content can easily be viewed on the Television. 

This TVShareMax review is going to discuss everything about this content streaming device, its features, specifications, pros and cons, where to buy, how to buy, its relationship with chromecast,  tvcastermax, TV fix Caster, etc.

What Is TVShareMax? 

TVShareMax is a unique TV streaming device that allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos in Full HD on your wide-screen TV. It barely takes a few seconds to load, and there are no lags or other faults on the line. This compact customized streaming device is less expensive and more technologically advanced than other similar products from other providers. The TVCasterMax complements your viewing habits and is simple to include into your everyday routine.

A user-friendly smartphone -to-television streaming device such as TVShareMax that is designed to streamline your phone watching experience while also making things easier in the home, as well as in the office, is an excellent example of a cutting-edge innovation.

What's TVShareMax?

TV Share Max is compatible with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify and many others. The TVShareMax  is designed with military-grade technology, which results in a discreet circular modern design, making it the most reliable and technologically advanced Home Theater device without causing you to break the bank. 

TVShareMax literally turns your TV into a home entertainment center you’ll want to spend the entire day at. It’s a revolutionary, small and portable USB device. Just by plugging it into your TV, TVShareMax can turn it into a fully-functional home cinema. With TVShareMax, you can enjoy your favorite streaming service on the large screen. That means no more staring at tiny smartphone, tablet or laptop displays for hours.

Specifications Of TVShareMax (TV Share Max Review)

  • The Modes are: Airplay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror, cross-system mirroring and streaming of Netflix/YouTube/Chrome/etc.
  • It can be used for home cinema, games, office presentations and conferences.
  • TvShareMax supports H.265 Coding.
  • It provided HD 1080p Playback Full-HD.
  • It has an HDMI output with 50% faster processing speed.
  • Plug and Play.
  • It supports Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+ or MacOS 10+.
  • It supports WIFI.
  • Its product specifications are: 2.28 inches X 0.47 inches.

Benefits of TVShareMax (TV Share Max Review)  

Easy to Use: A lot of HD screen sharing technology requires a lot of wires and installation can be frustrating. Not knowing where anything goes can mean the set up takes a long time and everyone waiting to watch becomes bored.

Thankfully, TVShareMax does not have this problem and works straight out of the box. It comes with HDMI and AV output so even if your TV is dated it will still allow you to watch movies from your phone on a bigger screen.

Simple Set-Up: Once the HDMI cable is connected you power TVShareMax via USB and an image will appear on the screen. From here, the easy to follow instructions make connecting simple and once you have connected the device to your WiFi router you can share your mobile screen.

Crystal Clear Picture: You’ve probably seen it before, HD screencast gadgets look impressive but when you get them home, the picture is grainy and unreliable.

The consensus of TVShareMax is that the image quality is outstanding, offering you the opportunity to watch from your phone on a big screen in full HD.

Instant Streaming: A lot of the time it can take a while to stream from a phone onto another screen, even when you have set the connection up you can be waiting minutes before it is ready.

One of the major benefits of this compact gadget is that it works in an instant as it is compatible with iOS and Android. As soon as it is hooked up and connected, you can scroll through your phone with everything mirrored on the big screen making movie night much more fun.

Any TV Can Be A Smart TV: The cost of a new smart TV will set you back hundreds and hundreds. Then when it arrives you have to spend time connecting it and that’s if all the features work.

The best thing about TVShareMax is that no matter how old or what model, any TV can be a smart TV. You aren’t limited to what apps you can use – as long as it’s on your phone, you can watch it on TV.

Your phone becomes the remote control so you can watch the likes of Amazon Prime and YouTube, or listen to music through the speakers via Spotify. Even your laptop or tablet can be used to control what you watch as they are just as easy to connect.

Incredibly Portable: Even a Kodi box is too bulky to move from room to room making it pretty limited in how you can use it. A lot of technology that offers screen shareability tends to be on the heavy side.

Because it doesn’t weigh much and can fit in the back pocket of your jeans, TVShareMax can be taken from room to room to be used on different TV’s. It is a popular product with teenagers who want to be able to share their screen at a friend’s house and because it is so portable, it can fit in their bag with ease.

When you’re traveling abroad and can’t work out how to use the TV or staying in a hotel and want to watch your favorite shows from your phone, TVShareMax makes life simple on the road.

Works On Loads of Apps: Ever wanted to FaceTime a friend but find it hard to read their expressions or hear them properly?

This is a frustration that can be easily lost avoided when you use TVShareMax. Not restricted to just a few apps, it works on a large range of multimedia including safari, streaming services, HBO Now, Netflix, and a lot more.

A lot of people use it to sort through their photos and watch their videos as it gives you the chance to see them on a big screen.

Saves You Money: We’ve mentioned how it can save you money on buying an expensive Smart TV but the savings don’t end there. Because it is so easy to use and you get to access everything from your phone in an instant, many people are canceling their cable and using TVShareMax instead.

This can save you 100’s in just a couple of months so just think about how much more it will save over the next year or so.

Pros and Cons of TVShareMax

Pros Of TVShareMax (TVShareMax Reviews)  

  • It’s extremely affordable 
  • It’s a portable device 
  • It does not limit the kinds of apps you can use. You can access any streaming apps on your phone. 
  • It’s compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones
  • It’s sturdy, robust and lightweight 
  • You will enjoy a crystal-clear HD display 
  • It’s easy to use and step up

Cons of TVCasterMax 

  • It’s limited in stock 
  • It is only available online 

How Does TVShareMax Work?

If you have a YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime account or you use any other streaming service, you can play the media on your TV using TVShareMax in a matter of seconds. To set up TVShareMax, simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Plug TVShareMax into your TV
  • Connect to your WiFi
  • Play whatever you like from your smartphone, tablet or pc!

Set it there and forget it. Whenever you feel like watching something from your phone, just fire up your TV and stream it there for the best experience.

Where to buy TVShareMax?


Where can I purchase the TVShareMax?

TVShareMax is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is quick and easy , so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.


$59  instead of $118 (50% discount available online only and while supplies last.) 


It’s greatly important to search for a credible review before buying any product. This is because reading reviews gives you an inkling of what you want to buy – the general description of the product or item.


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