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Perhaps, this is your first time of hearing the expression “prerecorded video livestream”? Or you might have been hearing it but haven’t got a clear view of what it means and how it works for businesses and how it can also be used by an individual or corporates? How prerecorded video livestream service can help foster the growth of business in general (any kind of business at all whether personal or corporate)?

Even though you may never have heard pre-recorded live video but I am sure that you have heard the expression Live Video! This service involves making a video as the event happens without applying any special effects. Everything that is recorded or captured must be fresh and real to the situation. 

In as much as having a live video is good and effective for business growth, what then is the reason for broadcasting a pre-recorded live video? Take note that it’s not just about a video that’s recorded before hand but a Live Video. Hence, the emphasis lies on the expressions Prerecorded and Live Video. is a livestream service provider that makes it possible for you to stream your prerecorded video as a live video. The company undoubtedly meets your streaming needs as it regards to multicasting your live video on different streaming platforms at the same time with ease of mind and lots of efficiency. 

Livestream with

This review is meant to cover a plethora of information on the chosen topic. Therefore, if you really want to understand what actually does, what pre-recorded live video actually means, how it can benefit you and your business and other important information, I implore you to stick to this article and read to the end.

Livestreaming: Why The Game Begins ? 

The tempo of streaming live across social media streaming platforms has taken over the internet to the point that no business or marketing agent ignores it because doing so is tantamount to inviting failure in your business. Nowadays, the growth of a business is so much dependent on how live the owner or founder has been able to go in order to interact with consumers in real terms, improving their presence on social media and as well as marketing their products. 

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The same thing can be said of a musician, although, you are not selling any product per se but you are selling yourself to your fans. Engaging in livestream videos on such streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram live, and Twitch will help to push you into the limelight and will also ensure that you remain relevant in the industry. You can livestream your new song or even the stages you passed through in composing and finally recording the song. You can even choose to show the rehearsal of your song. To the best of our knowledge, some aspiring musicians got help while livestreaming their songs on either Facebook or Instagram. This is because your stream can be viewed by lots of people and you can penetrate your viewers’ heart if your song is so good to the point that one out of the hundreds to thousands of viewers who will stream it will be touched to help you achieve your aim. 

The enthusiasm, engagement and interaction of video contents pushed live videos into the limelight. So, nowadays livestreaming a live video is not only a game but a culture, a philosophy and a business. It has taken the internet! Everyone wants to see events as they happen in real life. 

Video Content is more engaging! 

It is no longer news that the majority of the social media users prefer video content rather than audio or written content and this has led to the increase in the amount of video content on the internet today. The expansion of Internet bandwidths and penetration, excellent cameras both on smartphones and normal videoing gadgets have boosted the existence of a wide range of video contents on the internet. 

The Concept of Livestreaming: – A Video Can Either Be Live Or Not

A video is said to be live when it broadcasts a feed that’s happening at the time of projection to real audience in a space called social media. The video does not undergo any form of effect. It’s raw as it is broadcasted live. So, a  live video is just like a sportscast but unlike the TV presentation which often undergoes effects before being broadcasted. In live video, the audience can comment and react to the video as it is happening, that is, being broadcasted or streamed. 

Prerecorded video livestream

Generally, video content has been gathering so much momentum in the world today. And more recently, live video content has risen to the top of the ladder as it is more emotionally engaging than a TV show. In this light, video streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Periscope, Twitter and the rest have been doing everything possible to improve and enhance their streaming abilities especially as it regards to live streaming as more and more people continue using the service: Musicians, businesses, agents of different kinds, marketers and personal users. So, live streaming cuts across all manner of works. It is a fast growing service. 

“The prerecorded video livestream service provider,, meets your streaming needs as it regards to multicasting your live video on different streaming platforms at the same time with ease of mind and lots of efficiency.”

A live video gives the option to comment or react to the video as it is being streamed. This particular feature varies from one streaming platform to the other. In most of the streaming platforms, these comments and reactions will appear in a live feed when the video is re-watched later after the livestream. The comments and reactions will pop up and scroll in an automated fashion at the time the comments and reactions are left when the video is being streamed. 

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What is the gain of live video?

The most commonly held opinion about love video is that it gives you quick access to broadcast live while your audience watch them the same moment. It grants these audiences immediate right to  comment and react to the video as they stream it. On your own end, you are videoing, at your audiences’ end they are viewing it just at the same moment you are doing the video. There is nothing like later, though, it can be watched later. 

Can you livestream your own video?

Of course you can as a musician or artist and a businessman, a marketer, teacher or agent, etc. Even a group video is also possible to be live streamed. Live video can be done by anyone that has access to a camera alongside with a secure web connection. With the help of a smartphone and a laptop, you can do it. With either of them at your hand, you just have to choose a website to use or an app (for the platforms that have apps). In order to be granted access in any of the known streaming platforms, you have to first create your own account by signing up. 

Expectedly, your live video is supposed to be of quality so that it will be clear and engaging to the audience. However, a lot of factors mitigate against such like the speed of your web connection and bandwidth and that is where such platforms like comes to play. Although you can upload an already recorded live video, you can also record your video directly on the site. 

How many videos can I livestream at a time and on how many streaming platforms? The core reason why came into existence. 

The truth is that you can livestream just one video at a time and on just one streaming platform. Since you do not have the feature of bi-location you can not stream live on two different streaming platforms. Of course it is not possible with just you, your camera and the streaming website or app. 

However, it’s because of such a need that came up with the idea of pre-recorded live video. By this, they mean that you can actually livestream one video to two or more websites or apps at the same time. 

Is this not powerful and amazing? Your answer is as good as mine. 


What Is And Why Pre-recorded video?

A pre-recorded video is one that has been recorded before the time of displaying. So, a pre-recorded live stream video is a live video that has been recorded but it is not broadcasted at the time. 

The question that will be popping up in your mind will be: why livestream a prerecorded video? Is it a form of cheating? 

My purpose here is to enlighten you, not to deceive you. So I say clearly here that the truth is that  livestreaming a prerecorded video is not cheating since streaming platforms take both a video file and a live video from your camera as the same thing. In fact, it helps you to livestream across many social media platforms at the same time. Although, all considerations of a live video will be considered. In this case, the said pre-recorded video must be live and must not violate the copyright laws. 

Be it known to you that as far as streaming  pre-recorded videos as if they are live is concerned, it is hard to come across a cloud based solution service. What this implies is that stands at the top of the situation for now and that’s one of the reasons you have to give them a try. 

What is the major point of 

The major point of is that it comes to bring solutions to the delicate demand to livestream videos that are professionally recorded. With it’s own cloud based tools, it has terminated the pressing need of installing softwares and having some technical knowledge about those softwares. So, no installation of software and technical knowledge is needed. 


According to the information from the website, can be seen as  the best cloud-based service that enables you to schedule and livestream a pre-recorded video(s) to more than 45 social media streaming platforms. 

The platforms include: Facebook (page, group and profile), Custom RTMP, YouTube, Instagram, Mixer, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch, Steam, Smashcast, dlive, decast, YOU, bambuser, STAGE TEN, WOWZA, dailymotion, mobcrush, IBM, flowplayer, MUVI, afreecaTV, PICARTO, loots,, KakaoTV, VLIVE, M-XCLOUD, USTREAM, etc. 

“I love OneStream Live’s product. We stream our worship services to three different platforms and makes it really easy to manage this. Their support is excellent, they were always fast to be available and guide me through the challenges I had.” (A review by: Devo Kritzinger, Apr 5, 2020) 

With, live streaming your  video becomes really easy, simple and filled with fun. 

Prior to the emergence of OneStream as a cloud-based solution, doing a live video involved the installation of a software like Wirecast, setting it up, configuration of technical issues like video formats and then you smear yourself with prayer, hoping that it works just fine. However, with OneStream, you can livestream your video within 5 minutes or more. All the stringent and excruciating efforts needed to install the software, configure it and set up has been taken away. 

Now, using gives you the opportunity to focus on your customers or fans while your stream is on-going. 

At this point, you wouldn’t help but to reason that prerecorded video livestream service provider,, meets your streaming needs as it regards to multicasting your live video on different streaming platforms at the same time with ease of mind and lots of efficiency. This is because as a businessman, you would like to maintain your customers’ taste all the time and you would also like to get feedback from them from all of your business strategies. 

Is Anyone Specially Entitled To Utilise

The answer is no since everyone can utilize the platform to livestream their pre-recorded video. However, the powerful tool for scheduling streams and the multicast tool, make it more designed and preferable to businesses and marketers. 

“OneStream allows easy streaming to multiple sources. More importantly, it allows larger files and the ability to schedule them. We’ve used it for a couple weeks now.” ( A review by: Issac Lopez, May 3, 2020) 

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Why Should You Choose

  • It saves you time, energy and effort. Since you will not be needing any gadget, the effort, time and energy you would have invested in organizing, setting and arranging the gadget to ensure a high quality and powerful livestream, will be focused on creating just powerful videos with the help of a camera, laptop or computer. 
  • Stream to more than 45 social media streaming platforms. If you decide to stream alone, you will not be able to stream to two platforms at once. You can only do your live video on only one streaming platform. However, by using OneStream, you have the option to multicast your live video to as many streaming platforms as possible at the same time: Instagram live, Periscope, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook Live, YouTube and others. 
  • It does not need any technical knowledge required to livestream. With just a few navigations and clicks on your simple dashboard, your recorded video will go live. It does not mandate you to have technical knowledge in order to operate. As a newbie, average or professional, you can use OneStream with ease. All you need is just patience and some little details. 
  • It does not need any software installation. As a cloud based tool, does not require the installation of softwares and as such, the platform is accessible to use from every part of the world that has internet connection. 
  • No form of hardware is needed to be carried about neither will you need to be anxious about bandwidth while streaming your video. You just have to either upload a video file or record with your camera directly on the web page and then, livestream it. 
  • It gives you the chance to schedule your livestreams. With, prerecorded (pre-recorded) videos content can be scheduled to go live on a particular time in one, two or more of your social media accounts depending on the plan you subscribed for. 
  • It gives you multiple social accounts management which is dependent on your subscription. Depending on the plan of your OneStream subscription, a varying  number of social accounts can be managed without glitches. 
  • It integrates a cloud storage tool. 

Instead of filling the bandwidth of your phone or laptop, you can store the prerecorded videos on Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive from which you can send them to Onestream for them to be streamed. 

  • It allows different file upload options such as: mov, mp4, mkv, webm, m4v. 

These different video options allow you to upload videos from your computer or laptop recorded in any of the accepted formats. You can also capture or record live on the webpage in any of the formats. 

  • It gives the ability to manage your own team. Proper management of your team members will ease your stream by ensuring efficient collaboration. 
  • You have your streaming history on the dashboard. As good as it seems, ensures that all your streaming history on streaming platforms are updated and stored and by doing so, you can track and access the videos. The good thing is that history is accessible any time you wish. 
  • It provides you with analytics and insights about your streams. The  provision of live analytics and insights will make you to be fully informed about the total performance of each or all of your streams across all the social media streaming platforms. This will be handy in the sense that you will come to the realization of which of the streaming platforms that gives you the best output. 

How Does OneStream Work? The Three Simple Steps… 

Since you started reading this blog, you might be wondering how this service works. Yeah, it is not a bad idea if you are thinking such. We got you covered. The below steps explain how works. Very simple. 

Step 1: Select your video 

This step is where you select the prerecorded video which you need to be livestreamed to social media platforms in which you have access to. This is because you cannot stream your video on a platform that you have no account with. 

The video file can either be from your computer or smartphone or from a cloud storage like GoogleDrive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Step 2: Schedule your video 

This step allows you to select the date and time you want your video to be streamed. It can either be right away or a maximum of 60 days in future. You are also permitted to specify your time zone by selecting it. Be reminded that after selecting the date, time and time zone, your video will be streamed automatically across all the media channels you have selected. 

Step 3: Select the social media platforms you want to stream your prerecorded video

This step permits you to select either a single or multiple social media platforms you have an account with. OneStream has more than 45 social media streaming platforms where your prerecorded videos can be streamed. The only thing needed of you is to ensure that you have an account with the platforms you selected. Sign up on the social platform before selecting it. After selecting the streaming channels, every other thing like transcoding and processing will be automatically taken care of. 

How You Can Livestream Your Prerecorded Video With How It Works! 

  1. Create an account on Click Sign In on the top right of the web interface. 
  1. Log in to you account (or sign up for a new account)

It is either you sign in through your Facebook account or you use your email account.

  1. Add Your Social Media Account 

If you click on Add Accounts on the left hand Sidebar, the above image will show and from there you can add multiple social media accounts of your choice.

  1. Upload your  video

Click New Stream on the Sidebar. Upload works by clicking or dragging and dropping in the white frame.

  1. Edit Stream Details (optional)

The success of your upload will be visible on the progress bar. At this point, you will be required to set your stream title and description which will be visible on your chosen social media account during live streaming. Scroll down to set up a live streaming date, time and time zone because without scheduling the video, it will start streaming one minute after uploading has finished.

  1. Create Steam

After uploading your video, click on the Create Stream button and that is it. You are done! Your stream will go live at the scheduled time or just a minute later if you do not set the time and date for it. 

  1. You can view your ongoing live streams

Located on the  sidebar, the scheduled or Live Streams tabs will enable you to view your scheduled live videos or current ongoing live streams. From there, you can actually engage yourself in your own video. 

The Different Plans and Pricing Of 

Using Onestream comes in various plans and prices. The plans are grouped into two broad categories: Monthly plan and Yearly plan. They also have 4 kinds of subscriptions. There is a price variation based on the broad categories and the kind of subscription you have chosen. Free, basic, standard and professional are the four kinds of subscription customers can make use of. 

1st Plan: FREE

  • You don’t need a credit card
  • You’ve unlimited access to livestreaming
  • No access to multicasting
  • You are allowed only 1 queued stream at a moment 
  • 5 minutes is the maximum time given to each of your livestream
  • You can only stream to 1 social media platform 
  • You have a maximum space of 5 GB video file size
  • Recorded video broadcasting
  • You have 5 minutes to record with your camera directly and 
  • Finally, you have 5 minutes of screen capturing

2nd Plan: BASIC

  • You’ve unlimited access to livestreaming
  • You are allowed to multicast
  • You are allowed to queue only 3  streams at a moment
  • 15 minutes is the maximum time given to each of your stream
  • You can only stream to 3 social media platform
  • You have a maximum space of 5 GB video file size
  • Recorded video broadcasting
  • You have 15 minutes to record with your camera directly  
  • You also have 15 minutes to screen-capture
  • You can upload a 360° video
  • Looping is allowed
  • You have 5 GB file storage capacity 
  • You are given the chance to email team for support

3rd Plan: STANDARD 3rd plan

  • You’ve unlimited access to livestreaming
  • Multicasting is dully permitted 
  • You are allowed to queue only 15  streams at a moment
  • 60 minutes is the maximum time given to each of your stream
  • Multicast to 25 social media account
  • Cloud-based unlimited file size  
  • Recorded video broadcasting
  • 60 minutes Camera recording
  • 60 min Screen capturing
  • 360° videos supported
  • Looping is allowed
  • You have a file storage capacity of 20 GB
  • You have a prioritized  email Support
  • Cloud Storages: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Custom Logo / Overlay
  • Team Management
  • Team Storage
  • 2 Team Members
  • Analytics & Insights

4th Plan: PROFESSIONAL 4th plan and price

  • You’ve unlimited access to livestreaming
  • You multicast
  • You queue 30 streams at a stretch
  • 8 hours minutes is the maximum time given to each of your stream
  • You are allowed to multicast to all the available 50 Social Accounts 
  • Unlimited file size via cloud
  • Recorded video broadcasting
  • 8 hrs Camera recording
  • 8 hrs Screen capturing
  • 360° videos supported
  • Looping is allowed
  • 50 GB file storage
  • Live Customer Support
  • Cloud Storages: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Custom Logo / Overlay
  • Team Management
  • Team Storage
  • 4 Team Members
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Facebook Live Crossposting
  • One-on-one training
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Final Verdict 

You cannot gainsay the fact that your onetime desire to stream across multiple streaming networks has been solved by the introduction of pre-recorded live video by OneStream. No need running about in search of technicians and professionals, you can easily do your own live video with Just a simple click, your stream will go live across all the media channels you’ve chosen. From now on, your stream will longer be limited to one platform per moment. You can stream to multiple platforms at the same time and in each of the platforms, your audience will listen, stream and enjoy without complaints or hitches caused by low quality video, faulty installation and the rest. 

Become an affiliate For 

Since streaming pre-recorded video as live is a budding enterprise, OneStream has taken to engaging affiliates with commissions on every paid subscriber they referred to them. 

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