LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: Your Best Security Camera Lightbulb?

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LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: As life keeps getting short and unsecure, it’s everyone’s dream to live a safe life regardless of the person’s status. Even a madman has a high desire for safety. The society itself is not even assured of her continuous existence not to talk of the inhabitants of the society. In a world burdened up with more deviant risk and not realizing who can be believed, security equipment has become a need for everybody that has something they would prefer not to lose. Man from the period of Adam, has been evolving from one innovations and inventions from Ages to ages. A secure life is worth living. As we live in the Jet age, which no doubt, is characterized with high rate social vices, no-one can boast of absolute security.  Good people notwithstanding, are working round the clock to better our society.  Inventions that aid safety has been evolving are counter inventions that aid the bad ones in taking Lives,  the summary of it is that,  no one is secured, thus,  everyone is a victim or potential victim of this bad society. 

LiveGuard Pro Review: An Introduction

It has become a priority to safeguard life both yours and others because of the safety of others. Having a good security system is part and parcel of human development. A sophisticated security system does offer a well appreciated comfort by its users. Security cameras enable the users to develop a confidence towards their homes knowing fully well that,  though in their absence, their home is at watch. One of the best and easiest ways to have you and your home protected is by having security in your home which LiveGuard Pro is one of them.  Since acquiring a modern CCTV camera is quite whooping and as such, scares us away, having a simple home monitoring gadget will just quench the hunger and the taste for a secured home thus, a better alternative for home security cameras has been giving birth to. LiveGuard Pro  is the new dawn. 

Liveguard Pro Review
Liveguard Pro Review 2020

LiveGuard Pro is a security camera that transmits images and data with the use of an internet protocol which enables it to control signals via an Ethernet link. It uses a high bandwidth network in its operation that enables the user to monitor the house even when not at home. LiveGuard Pro gives a natural and close touch with our homes. This awesome innovation has been given a nickname; internet 8camera this is because of its common and inherent relationship with the internet. Typically, a vast number of Internet Protocol cameras are deployed together with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or a Network Video Recorder (NVR), to create a video surveillance system, along with other video servers and security monitors, which creates a comprehensive network for capture and storage.

There is this special joy we drive when we install a security camera which is difficult to identify by an intruder. This joy and sense of fulfillment is what you are assured of when you have a LiveGuard pro security camera installed in your.  This very gadget has an adoring camouflage in the sense that an intruder will misinterpret it with an ordinary electric bulb not knowing fully well that his game is up. LiveGuard Pro keeps your home at your palm. That’s just the awesome part of it. 

What is a LiveGuard Pro? 

LiveGuard Pro is a security Camera which appears in the form of an electric bulb which is placed in an open area just like an ordinary electric bulb but performs a hidden function which is quite good for the owner and at same time, a nightmare to an intruder. That’s just the truth about it. 

Liveguard Pro is an amazing  surveillance bulb with Wi-Fi function and free mobile iOS and Android available viewing apps. You can watch and listen to what is happening in real time practically from anywhere, be it in the office, when you are on tour or even when you go on vacations. This innovation has been in the dream of everyone who follows and adapts to the technological new life of the Twenty-first century. With LiveGuard Pro, you are quite assured of being able to secure your home even in your absence. This is just unique and beautiful!

This smart camera alerts you of an intruder with it’s powerful motion detection system, and sends an instant notification directly to your phone, allowing you to react swiftly and on time to the given situation.The advanced 360 degree wide angle allows for a unique super wide view that detects optimal coverage. Mainly seen as a regular light bulb, this spy bulb fits in any standard socket.

The camera is equipped with a sensor or mention detector to catch and record any form of motion that may be found in the home,, when the camera is triggered by motion detection, you receive instant notifications directly to your phone, ensuring you are informed in time to react to the given situation. The advanced 160 degree wide-angle allows for a super wide view that detects optimal coverage. Acting as a regular light bulb, this spy bulb fits in any standard socket and does not require high expert involvement to install the bulb. For me, I will just consider it’s installation as simple and plain like that of an ordinary electricity bulb.

LiveGuard Pro could be said to be a multi-Security apparatus because of its simple but magnificent task being carried by it every moment. With LiveGuard Pro, you can illuminate while taking a screen of your home at the same time.  This is what just made it outstanding. LiveGuard Pro at first, looks like a lightbulb but innovatively and tactically, it is quite different from light. It performs a hidden function of recording. The gadget can be utilized to watch an entryway patio, an office, or any territory that has a light installation that it very well may be fitted to or deemed necessary. 

Liveguard Pro

LiveGuard Pro has become the best security option for everyone whenever security is in consideration. The device is very easy to link with the phone or tablet and obtain fast and live images which is the same as taking surveillance of your home in a natural observation. An IP Network infrastructure is often already existing and used for other applications within the home or an organisation, so a network video application can be easily added to the existing infrastructure.

LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: Specifications of LiveGuard Pro

  • Video encode of H.264
  • Power supply at 85~264V,AC
  • High Camera Resolution at 1920*1080P
  • Operating System support : Android and IOS
  • Lens Angle at Wide angle of 130°
  • Light LED Color: Cold white/Warm White/Color
  • Light LED: 5W
  • Working Temperature: -10~+60℃
  • IR LED: 940nm, 3W
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/
  • Backup Supply: Up-to 30 minutes.

LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: Features of LiveGuard Pro 

  • Clear and crystal image with 1080P.
  • 360 degree rotation and fish-eye lens. 
  • Android APP and IOS remote control,this enables you to watch and keep in touch with your house at your wish and whenever possible. 
  • In-built battery which lasts for  thirty (30), this enables you to save your last video whenever there is interruption power supply. 
  • Motion detection sensor which enables it to produce and send a notification to you whenever there is a perceived intruder.this notification will be sent to your phone as soon as possible. 
  • Loop recording Support System. 
  • Micro SD card support with Max 64GB(excluded)
  • Simple installation manual with simple plug and play system. 
  • It Supports IOS and Android, watch the live video together with recording and playback.
  • Monitoring indoor places such as family rooms, nurseries, garages, warehouse, office, store, etc.
  • Great for baby care, pet care and the elderly when you are out.

Why do you need LiveGuard Pro? 

Having experienced the awesome adventure with Liveguard Pro, I’m left with the responsibility of testifying about the product. Liveguard Pro being an awesome innovation has satisfied the thirst for personal security gadgets. Liveguard Pro has put to an end the issue of not knowing the true culprit which involves knowing with evidence who actually broke into the house. Belongings are lost most often this, can be from insider or the outsider but,the truth remains that our property is at risk of being taken  away.

Buy liveguard Pro security camera Lightbulb

With Liveguard Pro, you are sure of knowing who and who are involved in any activity in the house, not only knowing the person but the scene of the crime and the time of the crime.

Sometimes, it is always difficult to acquire or spend a huge sum of money in acquiring CCTV camera,this has been a great impediment no doubt,it is awful condition not owning a tool(gadget) which you know quite well that with it your problem is solved.liveguard pro with its affordable nature, has come with cheaper price which enables everyone to leverage on the small price and put to end the agony of not owning a CCTV camera. I solemnly recommend this gadget out of experience and trust to all my audience this product is just awesome.

LiveGuard Pro is not easily detected like CCTV cameras, virtually everyone knows what a CCTV camera is and how to dodge one’s self away from the camera which to an extent,limits the task performed by this CCTV. Liveguard is designed in such a way that no one will take notice of existence in the home. An intruder will be left with a whole lot of confidence after checking all round the home and not seeing a CCTV but to his ordeal,liveGuard pro is at its fullest function.this is just lite.

Why do you need a Security Camera?

It has not been quite long, having a security Camera installed in your home like LiveGuard as one of the measures to security was considered to be a drastic, expensive endeavor to take on or embark on. Today, with the accessibility and affordability of technology, everyone has been taking on the leverage. Not having some form of video cameras installed seems to be a weird decision to make as a homeowner or one that owns a business.  Advancement in technology has allowed for major Innovations in video Camera quality,  recording capability  and more importantly, their affordability. With home surveillance cameras, homeowners and shop owners are now given the opportunity of viewing their homes and businesses centre at a given point of time regardless of the location . Having a security Camera in your home is an awesome move and a smart idea.  

  1. Deterring Criminals

Mere having a security Camera in your home alone is enough to deter  criminals away from your home, but it is without dangerous, to rely on it, the dummy camera, won’t prevent a seasoned burglar from breaking and entering because they dodge the camera immediately they noticed its present that why innovators have taking a wonderful move by to come up LiveGuard  Pro.

Liveguard Pro Review
Liveguard Pro Review 2020

So,  whenever you happen to be a victim of burglary, the camera is sure to get your back and assist you with truth, the cameras will record the incident and help lead to the capture of the criminal and hopefully return of your stolen goods at little or no stress which limits the investigation-stress process. This will take it to the next point. 

  1. Assisting/ Aiding the Police

Replaying the video record of the security camera assists the police in carrying out Investigations on breaking and entering, with this,longer route need not to be taken to find the culprit of a crime.  This saves a situation where a burglary occurred, the camera which is quite professionally installed will have the scene recorded with a high definition Camera. 

Police can use these videos and images to capture the culprit, prevent future crimes and return your items,this has been proving to be true at all times. Security Cameras like LiveGuard Pro have been helpful to security agents at all times.  

  1. Checking on family members and the love ones  

Security cameras aren’t limited to the protection of a home or businesses, they help a lot in checking and looking after the welfare of our kids while you are away to work. This is a nice experience by the parents and virtually all the parents are happy about it. Oftentimes families with a set of working parents find themselves in a predicament when their child gets out of school in the mid-afternoon. With this camera security guard (LiveGuard Pro)  parents can easily monitor the affairs and where snouts of the children are using  the remote monitoring feature of the System. 

  1. Knowing the welfare of our pets 

Most often time, our pets tend to be at a corner of the home where we can’t spot them and this for sometimes, is so difficult for us but with security Camera like LiveGuard Pro one can easily door his pet and be confort Just as you can check in on your kids using the camera system, you can check on your pets too. Pets are now taking a big part in the lives of people  and their importance fully recognized. It’s not always easy to leave them behind while at work or any place. It might be pretty expensive to hire a pet keeper or one to look after the affair of the pets. With a professionally installed home security camera system, you can check in on how your pets are doing from work and also offer yourself a great relief with the reward of having high output at work. 

  1. Insurance Benefits

The post burglary scenes require you to provide the insurance company with the damage from the crime. At this point, the high professional security camera will have a great job to do, with the video footage, you can easily documents all that were lost appropriately with twisting the story and also the insurance company will leverage know the effort of the LiveGuard Pro  to confirm the claims made by the insurer, isn’t it quite awesome. 

LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: Benefits of LiveGuard Pro

  • 12 megapixel concealed camera with 1080p video in a 160 degree super wide-angle lens for ultra crisp videos and shots
  • 36 bright white bulbs which will light up the room while cancelling the camera. This is the dual function of LiveGuard pro. Your room will be illuminated and the activities of your home recorded quite awesome.
  • preventing even the most trained eye from knowing.with the nature of Liveguard pro ,an intruder can not easily notice the presence of the camera.The camouflage is a great deal to celebrate.
  • Take a close watch of your home  anywhere with free mobile app (accessible on iOS and Android platforms)

Liveguard Pro

  • Detection features which include instant notifications sent to your phone and built-in microphone to give you sound and noise of the ongoing activities of your home and Business Centre. 
  • No screws, wires or installation needed
  • The camera connects to Wi-Fi in minutes and is ready to go.

LiveGuard Pro Review 2020: Components of LiveGuard Pro

LiveGuard Pro as an electronic gadget , has both physical composition (Hard wares) and Software which augments each other to make a perfect system which guarantees the safety of the home. Let’s now dive into the components. 


  • E27 socket Rotation Base. 
  • LED for illumination 
  • LED indicator 
  • Speaker 
  • Micro phone
  • Camera
  • Micro SD card slot 
  • Reset pinhole 


  • Setting 
  • Mute
  • Replay 
  • Full-screen 
  • Display ratio 
  • Display mode 
  • Solution 
  • Snap shot 
  • Switch light mode 
  • Intercom 

Pros and Cons of LiveGuard Pro 

Pros of LiveGuard Pro (LiveGuard Pro Review 2020) 

Most of the  cameras with different resolutions and aspect ratios customized to your needs.

  • It’s video is encrypted and authenticated so transmission is secure.
  • Whereas with an analog camera you need to have an encoder or decoder, there’s no need for that with LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera.

Cons of the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb Camera:

  • You can only purchase online at the moment, as it is quite a new product.
  • Publicity of this product is quite poor at the moment.
  • LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb cameras have a higher resolution, so they generate larger files than analog. The storage space can only be adjusted accordingly.

Customers Reviews On Liveguard Pro (LiveGuard Pro Review 2020) 

A gadget like Lifeguard Pro must be used legally to record images of your home or your business, and even use them in any type of legal process, but they cannot be shared without the consent of the people recorded. (Daniel

Very happy to have a wonderful camera recording, I got images of thieves breaking up my shop door and the police were able to identify and arrest them. (Joel) 

Frequently Asked Questions About Liveguard Pro (LiveGuard Pro Review 2020) 

Q: Is it a light bulb too? 

A: yes, it has a Wi-Fi features too with camera of 34 white led in it

Q: Does the bulb run out the light socket? 

A: turn on the power for a long time or it will not work out.

Q: can it be used outdoors? 

A: note it is not water resistant so it is advised to be stall indoor

Q: can I save to icloud? 

A: yes,you can

Q: where can I get this gadget? 

A:The official website

Q: can I set sensitivity of the motion detection? 

A: this WiFi light bulb have 5 level of sensitivity to suit you


Q: this camera bulb stops sending me notification on my phone and they all on

A: try taking the SD card out and try to restart it

Q: What happens when the SD card is full? 

A: it delete the video that is older and keep on recording the new one

Q: what is the operating temperature range? 

A: the operating temperature range is -20 to -50

Q: can I view the video internationally? 

A: yes as long as you connect the WiFi on it

Q: Is the white light bulb compatible with Alexa? 

A: yes the WiFi light bulb is compatible and has google assistant

Q: can the WiFi bulb work when there is no light? 

A: yes it can work when there is no light provided that is on

How do I purchase the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera? 

At the moment, you can purchase the LiveGuard Pro Security Bulb camera from the company official website in the link below.

Buy liveguard Pro now

They offer the security product at a 50% discount. Free shipping is included in the package. Make sure you see the McAfee, TRUSTe and Norton logo before purchasing.

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