BackXPack Reviews 2021: The Best Anti-Theft Backpack? 

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Stop giving a pickpocket the chance to spoil your day. Get this anti-theft backpack below $100 and never worry about losing your important belongings to street miscreants and kleptomaniacs – BackXPack Review assures you that it is one of the best school or holiday lockable backpack on the market today.

If you have ever owned an anti-theft backpack or simply looking to upgrade or buy a new one, you must probably be aware of the variety of choices that you will face. What should have been an easy purchase becomes complicated when you rummage through the plethora of features and styles available, unsure of exactly what you want from an anti-theft backpack.

Perfectly, we’ve simplified your quest for the best anti-theft backpack by combing through every available review and narrowing it down to BackXPack review. So if you are searching for a rugged backpack for outdoor movements, a practical yet elegant work backpack, or a travelling backpack to accompany you on your next adventure, one thing is certain: pick this brand BackXPack as your backpack soulmate – BackXPack Review. 

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What is BackXPack?

BackXPack is your ideal backpacking bag which fits comfortably on your body, has ample storage, and is solidly constructed to last for several years if managed properly. It grants you the easiest and simplest way to carry your valuables from one place to another without being afraid of theft. 

BackXPack review affirms that this bag is a standard, anti-theft travel bag that has been specifically designed to assist you in securing your belongings when on the go. If you are at an airport, a train station, motor park, walking down a busy street, or sitting / eating in a restaurant, you can rest assured that your belongings and valuables are safe and secured in this anti-theft BackXPack.

BackXPack review noticed that the security features of this bag are unmatched, including slash-resistant fabrics, secret pockets, and tougher, lockable zippers. These features assist in reducing the likelihood of criminals gaining access to and stealing your valuables.

Back X Pack image different colors
Back X Pack Review

If you drive often or have a long commute to work or school, the Back X Pack is an excellent investment. It instills a greater sense of security in you by ensuring that your valuables are securely stored. BackXPack provides peace of mind that your passport, credit cards, camera, and other precious belongings are securely stored regardless of where you are.

The Back X Pack is truly one of the most favored bag styles on the market currently. This product is ideal for travel because it is lightweight and has a large storage capacity inside. It is indeed one of the most comfortable and security-operated bags for transporting our belongings between locations. As a frequent traveler, you should consider using BackXPack to transport and secure your valuable belongings.

Features Of BackXPack 


This BackXPack review confirms that this anti-theft travel bag is built to be extremely comfortable regardless of whether you are a single or double shoulder user. The back’s design features allow it to adapt to your back, providing an extremely comfortable experience. 

Though padding is included in the BackXPack’s shoulder straps, it is not, however, a long-distance hiking bag. So, if you have your Back X Pack heavily filled, do not expect excessive comfort. It will definitely be fine for short walks, but it will not be very convenient for an extended period of time. There is a decent carry handle on the top, which is always good for being able to pick up your pack.

Anti-theft Combination:  

With the anti-theft combination, you can set your own numbers for locking BackXPack in a safe way so that no one can access. Back X Pack utilizes a number lock to ensure that the back pack is fully theft-proof. The primary compartment is quickly locked with the chosen numbers and can be opened when the contents need to be taken out by you alone. It will be a breach of security if you let others know your locking number. 

BackXPack buy now
BackXPack Review
Adjustable and Ergonomic Design:

BackXPack’s user-friendly and adjustable nature makes it a compact back pack. It can also be balanced comfortably with the straps. The straps can be adjusted based on your preference and the design is quite ergonomic that you can decide to hold it on your palm or hand. 

This BackXPack review asserts the bag is made of compression straps that can be adjusted to hold items in those pockets (like a longer item – tripod, umbrella etc). A good magnetic leather clasp is located on the right hand side pocket, which is useful if you put something valuable in that pocket. 

Numerous Organization Compartments: 

The bag features three compartments, the largest of which is lockable through a number lock system. There is a lot of space inside the main compartment. This is, after all, a 40L kit. You have a padded laptop sleeve that comfortably fits a 16-inch laptop. It also runs along the back, which is suitable for holding the weight.

Zippered pockets on the front side of BackXPack review are ideal for small things like your charger, cords, or a mouse. This is also where the USB cable for the external charging port can enter, allowing you to connect it to your travel laptop or a power bank if you have one.

Pocket Organizer on the Front:

This pocket, which runs almost the entire length of the front, is ideal for items that need to be accessed quickly. The BackXPack has numerous pockets in which you can store your phone, pens, wallet, or even a tablet. Also, since it runs all the way down the front, there’s plenty of space on the bottom outside the organizer pockets for other products.

Front/Outside Small Pocket:

This pocket can be seen at the top/right of the bag. It has a diagonally running zipper down the front and isn’t the largest bag. Smaller items, such as an organizer, phone, and wallet, may be crammed in.

Pockets on the sides for holding a water bottle:

On the side, there are two pockets for holding water bottles. They can carry a tiny water bottle, but nothing bigger so if you have a large bottle or coffee holder, be careful as it might not fit – BackXPack Review – just small elastic pockets for water cans.

Water-resistant Special Fabric Material: 

The official BackXPack review claimed that the backpack is made of a high water-resistant 900D Nylon. As you can see in the images displayed in this BackXPack review, the material is not only attractive, but it is also robust and capable of withstanding at least a brief shower in the rain. Back X Pack is water repellent, preventing water from penetrating and damaging your belongings. However, this does not mean that you should consciously expose it to water. 

Portable Charging: 

It also doubles as a portable charger for your laptop and phone. Simply connect your phone or laptop to the internal cable and the bag’s power supply through an external USB. This is essentially a connection between the inside and outside of the pack.

The built-in USB port will allow the connection of a power bank directly from the BackXPack side USB interface without interfering with zips. As a result, you can conveniently charge your phone or other device from the outside by connecting the pack’s USB cable to a power bank or laptop on the inside. However, this feature is not inherent with the bag, you can choose it while ordering for your own Back X Pack since it is an additional feature. 

Durable, Lightweight and Easy to Carry Multipurpose Bag: 

The Back X Pack bag is extremely lightweight and portable, making it ideal for carrying from one location to another. You can store any heavy object securely in it without fear of the straps snapping. Some reviewers claimed to have tested it, so you can be worry-free about the same. However, this current BackXPack Review will advise you not to be so stupid to pack so much heavy stuff into the bag. It might disappoint you! It is a lightweight bag, not a heavyweight back pack. 

Five Distinct Colors to choose from:

Color is part of aesthetics (beauty and fashion). There are five distinct color options. Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, Young Violet and Traveler black are all options. You just have to choose the color that appeals to you when ordering the bag. Instead of limiting users to one color, the manufacturer chose to have a variety of color to appeal to individual likes and preferences. 

BackPack image five colors
Back X Pack Review

Pros and Cons of BackXPack

Pros (BackXPack Review) 

  • Back X Pack is easy to use, convenient, and built to reduce exhaustion and tiredness. This makes it an excellent hiking and mountain climbing backpack.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to safeguard your laptop, tablet, groceries, and other products. This makes it perfect for students in college and university.
  • It has a lot of Organized Compartments that you can use.
  • It was created using a water resistant special fabric material. As a result, if it rains, you will not have to worry about the contents of your pack.
  • It’s a multipurpose bag that is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • There are five exclusive colors to choose from.
  • One side has a stylish water bottle component.
  • There’s a special pocket for your sunglasses and lenses.

Cons: (BackXPack Review)

  • Limited availability of stock
  • Can only be purchased online via the official website of the manufacturer
  • The discount might be reverted anytime

Benefits of BackXPack 

It is appropriate for a variety of lifestyles, activities, and occasions:

You may be a tourist, an office worker, a student, a hiker, or a camper. BackXPack has you covered no matter what your occupation is. This multipurpose backpack is not picky when it comes to what it can be used for. As long as you have to safeguard your belongings wherever you take this backpack, you have made the right decision. This bag is unrivaled in terms of versatility.

It is fashionable:

Fine-leather is used to make this BackXPack. It is lovely and comes in a variety of neutral colors that can be worn for any occasion. The style is just different enough to fit whatever intention you have in mind. It’s also classy.

It is anti-theft in nature:

Apart from the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about losing any of your valuables, what else do you require? This bag is securely fastened to your body wall, making it almost impossible for anyone to enter without your knowledge. It also has several hidden pockets, reducing the chances of your belongings being stolen. It also has an advanced zip lock to ensure that no one can open your bag without your permission.

This is the BackXPack’s most unique and important benefit. The backpack, as discovered by this BackXPack review, has a number lock system that protects the main compartment from unauthorized entry. You can absolutely seal the bag and open it whenever you want, thanks to the lock system.

It has Minimalist Style:

This BackXPack review is elegant, despite its simple style. Not everybody enjoys being the center of attention right away when they walk into a room. With this backpack’s sleek style, you can easily take it anywhere you want without fear of attracting unwanted attention, even from those who truly understand its value.

Has a Large Space

Many other backpacks forego functionality in favor of ineffective designs. However, this BackXPack has a huge space that would fairly fit anything you need for a simple trip, hike, or lecture.

A Free USB Charging Port:

The BackXPack review states that this item was built with your electronics in mind: earphones, laptops, Ipods, mobile phones, and so on. So, whether you get lost or into trouble while hiking, camping, or doing something else, your battery will still be charged and ready to connect you with the people you need right now.

It Is the Ideal Travel Companion:

In one of the advertorial images as seen by this BackXPack review, a lady was walking down the street with her phone fully charged without the need to hold a power bank. This feature is available to you as well, allowing you to move as easily and comfortably as you wish.

Smart Organization with Multiple Compartments:

Back X Pack can only be the most innovative option for you if you are that person who likes to keep his or her stuff organized but also has a lot of materials to bring.

If you need to bring your laptop, some texts and notebooks, jotters, cellphone, wallet, snacks, sweater, umbrella, and so on as a student, this backpack is for you. Standard backpacks won’t be able to fulfill any of these requirements. This new backpack includes a number of compartments that are divided into various sizes to accommodate various materials.

BackXPack Review
Back X Pack Review

It Provides a Satisfying Level of Comfort:

Are you able to make a financial sacrifice for your own convenience and mobility? Choosing BackXPack review is not a bad choice since the bag will provide you with a satisfying level of comfort. This backpack is stuffed with foam and soft pads to keep you as comfortable as possible, regardless of how much weight you are carrying.

You Get To Choose The Color You Want:

Yes, you can select from any of the product’s available colors. They’re all the same price. Some colors are very good for business trips, some are good for travel, some are good for school, some are good for hiking / camping. So whichever color you deemed fit, back x pack has a choice for you. 

Is BackXPack Legit or Scam? 

This ultra modern new anti-theft bag is the ultimate savior for your belongings. Having it means that you will no longer be afraid of losing your valuables to hoodlums. It is also affordable and does not give any problem at all.

It is a good bag for the money. You do not need to worry about its effectiveness as it is made with the best material and number locking system.

How Does BackXPack Work?

The Back X Pack original design can safeguard lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a variety of other products like passports, laptop, keys, books, etc. Simply place your valuables inside, zip it up. If you have got the number lock feature, use it for added security. 

  • Choose the right color and order your Back X Pack for your flex. 
  • Unzip the bag and fill the bag with your belongings.
  • Close all the necessary zippers.
  • Use the number lock system for added anti-theft security. 
  • Fix the bag to a stationary item.
  • To snap the bag’s lock, simply overlap its fold on the item after it has been attached.

Why Is BackXPack Recommended? 

This BackXPack review has analytically verified all possible data and come to the point that this is a well-designed back pack with water repellent special fabric, a built-in external charging port, and several pockets for packing your smaller items.

Extra spaces for beverages or secret zippers are among the features that distinguish this backpack from the rest. This back pack is suitable for college, but it has also proven to be an excellent choice for travel or holiday hangout. This BackXPack is more than just attractive; it is also practical. 

Rather than just being another bag to add to your daily lives, the BackXPack is marketed as a burglar-deterrent that protects all of your valuables in a fashionable and functional manner. The bag’s ergonomic design allows it to hold a variety of products that you are likely to carry along, such as laptops, water bottles, portable umbrellas or even groceries. Special areas in the backpack have been designed to make it easy for you to hide your belongings.

Buy BackXPack
BackXPack Review

The BackXPack is made of a lightweight material that is water-repellent, covering all of the items inside. You will have everything you need to keep your valuables ready to use and secure with a lot of space and a USB adapter. 

The USB port is located on the outside right side of the pack, allowing you to charge while on the go or while sitting down or while driving, at school, or at work. This is a fantastic idea because it eliminates the need to constantly look for a way to charge your devices. The port is right in front of you, ready to use at any moment. 

If you want to use a power bank as your power source, there is also a convenient pocket on the inside/top of your BackXPack review. As a result, it attaches to the charging port cable on the inside with ease. It is, after all, one of the best anti-theft back packs money can buy.

So it is definitely worthwhile to invest in BackXPack. In its three big compartments, you can store all of your key electronics and gadgets. It’s made of water-resistant material to keep your store’s contents safe from water damage. Simply put, this back pack has everything you might possibly want in a back pack, and the price is unquestionably reasonable. It has all of the most up-to-date features that a back pack can have. The backpack is suitable for people of various lifestyles.

BackXPack Review
BackXPack Review

How and Where Can You Get BackXPack?

If the features, benefits and all the other details of this back pack discussed in this BackXPack review have piqued your interest and you would like to own one, then you can go to the Back X Pack’s official website. Since the manufacturer of this back pack only sells it on their website, you will not end up with a duplicate or fake.

You can use different payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and even a PayPal account. Just go to the official website, select the color of back pack you like, fill in your details and send. Your Back X Pack will arrive sooner than you have expected. 

On the website as noted by this BackXPack review, the manufacturer offers promotional offers to encourage customers to buy the brand new product. If you buy the back pack during the latest promo campaign, you will receive a massive 50% discount on your purchase.

How Much Does the Back X Pack Cost?

Consumers can only order the BackXPack by going to the official website. Since there is a significant discount off the retail price of the bag, there are up to five order packages. Some are outlined here:

  • $89 for 1 BackXPack
  • $177 for 3 BackXPacks
  • $267 for 5 BackXPacks

After deciding how many of these bags they want, the user can also select the color. The bag is currently available in the following colors: Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, and Young Violet. For an extra $9, all BackXPack’s offers may be protected by a 3-year warranty.

Customer Opinions About BackXPack Review 

BackXPack Review United States 

“I really like this Back X Pack bag. I needed a laptop bag that was light and compact. Also, I was hoping to bring something on a business trip as a carry-on. It is larger than a normal backpack, indeed. That is not the case. There is enough space inside for my laptop, chargers, lots of pockets, and a little space for other things.” (Lizzy, J.) 

BackXPack Review Canada 

“Love the pockets  on the shoulder straps and back. The BackXPack is excellent for commutes and trips. There are wide side pockets that can accommodate a larger wristlet, watch, and a smaller water bottle as well.” (Benjamin L.)

BackXPack Review United Kingdom

“The grey color performed well for cosmetic reasons. Its sleeker look makes it seem like a business backpack. So far, I am pleased with this purchase.” (Arthur, G.)

BackXPack Review Portugal (translated) 

It’s fantastic! The weight is distributed uniformly. I mean, I put exactly the same stuff in this bag as I did in my previous bag. However, it’s a lot lighter than my previous one. In the future, I hope they have a power bank in the kit. Why not improve what you’ve already created? The current price is reasonable; however, the upgrade would almost certainly increase the cost. By the way, thank you for your production. I’m really pleased with this bag once again. It was well worth the money!!” (Rodrigo, F.)

BackXPack Review Australia 

“I bought this bag for a trip abroad because the charging port and secret pouch drew me in, allowing me to keep my phone charged while keeping my valuables hidden. The zippers are a little strange and difficult to use around the corners of the bag, and one of them broke while I was zipping it up, but it was just a temporary issue, and I was able to repair it.” (Thomas, N.) 

BackXPack Review Italy 

“I kept my wallet and passport in the secret pouches, and they had plenty of space. It worked well as a regular pack, but not as a charging bag because the plug in is flimsy and easily ruined.” (Antonio M.)

Frequently Asked Questions About BackXPack Review 

Is it large enough to fit a full-size laptop inside?

Yes, the BackXPack is an excellent back pack for storing your laptop when traveling abroad. Laptops with screens larger than 15.6 inches, on the other hand, will have some difficulty fitting in. Thicker laptops can also be an issue. It will comfortably fit all simple laptops.

Is it long-lasting? (BackXPack Review) 

Yes, it is very long-lasting. This back pack has been put to test in a variety of situations, and it proved to be a tough backpack. Kudos! 

What is the battery life of the USB charging port?

Once the battery in your bag is completely charged, you can conveniently charge your phone or laptop enough to operate for at least a day. It’s especially useful if you’re going on a trip where you won’t have access to electricity.

What Is It So popular? (BackXPack Review) 

The combination of superior craftsmanship, years of experience, a fair price, and the most cutting-edge technology available means that this is a backpack everybody seems to love. Most people waste far too much time searching for a product like this but here it is at your disposal.

What Happens If I am Dissatisfied with the bag?

If the product you receive does not meet your high expectations, we would be happy to negotiate a replacement and do all we can to make things right.

Final Thoughts on the BackXPack Review 

Our BackXPack review has come to the ending point. It is then taken that this back pack is a good pack for the price range, with plenty of storage, organizing features, and a USB charging port. It also looks chic and is available in five colors (gray, black, coffee, blue, and purple). 

It’s ideal for people who commute to work in a coffee shop, go to school, or just want to charge on the go while riding the train or biking to work. So if you still have a hard time keeping your phone charged, and finding a powerbank and cable is often a pain, you are supposed to be a big fan of the Back X Pack since it is the best alternative. However, the creators advised users to buy only from the official website and stop buying from third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay to avoid counterfeit as none has not been licensed.

The Back X Pack is a water-repellent bag that safes your precious items from water damage. You can easily hold your personal gadgets and groceries, such as a laptop, tablet, and other items, thanks to the bag’s wide and well-organized compartments. The security number lock device keeps all of your belongings secure.

The main compartment can be conveniently sealed and opened anytime you need it. It has a portable charging facility to charge your devices when you’re on the go. It has a USB port that connects to a power supply located within your pack. You can charge your phones or other devices when on the go by connecting an external USB cable. It has five trendy colors. What color you choose is entirely up to you.

Where to buy BackXPack
BackXPack Review

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